Loophole Berlin

Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlín

A night full of noise surprises. Suitness and decadence will take your brain and shacke it.
Proyects out of conventions

Loopsider is a serie of concerts based on LoopHole Berlin, where crazy proyects, impros,and weird collaborations take place.

Noise-Drone-Glich-Power Electronics,Breaks-Impro-DIY-Electroacustics-SoundPerformance-SoundArt-Industrial-audiovisual+++

Loopsider I                       Loopsider II                          Loopsider III                            Loopsider IV

Loopsider V                     Loopsider VI                          Loopsider VII                          Loopsider VIII

Loopsider IX                     Loopsider X

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