LoopSider IX


Loopsider IX
20.OCTOBER 19:30h.
Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlín


A night full of noise surprises. Suitness and decadence will take your brain and shacke it. Proyects out of conventions

Loopsider is a serie of concerts based on LoopHole Berlin, where crazy proyects, impros,and weird collaborations take place.

Noise-Drone-Glich-Power Electronics,Breaks-Impro-DIY-Electroacustics-SoundPerformance-SoundArt-Industrial-audiovisual+++

more info: https://pinpanpunfest.wordpress.com


H~ is a duo conformed by Oscar Palou (manglart.es) y Martí Guillem (marti-net.blogspot.de), both spanish currently living in Berlin.
This project turns around live improvisation with electroacoustic elements and laptop. Crossing through the fields of Noise to Field Recordings, from Ambient to glitch, Rhythm electronics, IDM and drone music.

Oscar Palou : : Laptop, field recordings, founded sounds, samplers, flutes.
Martí Guillem : : Circuit bending, electronics, percussion, objects, sinths, drum machines.



Samin Son is a Korean born artist based in Wellington. His practice is multifaceted, binding painting, sculpture and installation through performative strategies of dance, music and presence. Son’s endurance and meticulously directed aggression reference his experience of compulsory military service in the Korean military as well as his personal struggles with identity and race politics in his second home. There is a saying in Korean “If you can’t avoid it, you might as well ride it”. Son had to channel his non-conformist personality through the conventions by overenthusiasm for the mundane – pushing the limits of conformity to their threshold.

Born in Kyoto,Japan. MARIA JIKU is audio-visual  Noise artist and BDSM dominatrix performer.
Based in Berlin from 2012.
Her power electronics project formed summer of 2009.
Combine her screaming voice ,synthesizer, some effects and whips.
also She has been working as a dominatrix in Osaka JAIL Japan since 2009 and
She gave so much brutal activity and SHIBARI( a Japanese word for ‘to bind’ or ‘to tie up’ and a Japanese style of bondage using complex and sumptuous patterns)
to submissive people then opening Enlightenment by herself as a means of liberating their mind and spirit.
She researches relationship for the pleasure and pain also between mind control and pain.
Currently her audio-visual work is focused in part a dark greedy endlessly of human being.
She is into curse, sensual,ritual,sadism, masochism, hypnotic ,spiritual.psychic power and eternality.  Toured in Japan, SouthKorea,France, Switzerland, Italy,Slovenia,Austria, Netherlands,Spain,
Poland,Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Norway, Finland,and Germany
so far around 200 gigs from 2012 to 2014.( including JIKU55)


Simon Schäfer and his things.
der Warst came at the turn of times
He chewed the devices to make them forget
Ruler of Boxes and Cables
There are Keyboards Super Nintendos Game Boys and such
Towering, to scream Song and Picture
Noise Rythm Melody Video!
And the World opens Ears
And the World opens Eyes
And dances
Or not

Antti Virtaranta, a Swedish born Finn, is a bassist and composer. He currently resides in Berlin working with numerous creative groups and projects. Antti’s musical interests began after his family moved to the USA. After visiting New Orleans and seeing live Jazz music, Antti began playing electric bass in rock bands that played more interactive rock music. Eventually switching his focus towards Upright Bass and Jazz music, Antti moved to Philadelphia to study Jazz in university. In Philadelphia, he was working as a performer playing traditional jazz music with local musicians. After a while in Philadelphia, he was exposed to more freely moving music, free jazz and contemporary classical music. This moved his focus more towards free improvisation and experimental music.

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