Loopsider XIV
08 MARCH 19:30h.
Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlín









MARTÍ// objects+electronics

GORDOA // Vibrafon+objects

Mexican composer and vibraphonist based in Berlin since 2012.
He’s involved in numerous projects including his work as a soloist and in collaboration with theater and dance. Emilio is specially focus in sound art, experimental music, noise, free jazz, improvisation and contemporary music.
He is redefining the vibraphone as a source, treating it with preparations and extended techniques, and is a busy composer as well, writing graphic scores for a variety of ensembles, large and small, for theater, documentary films and audiovisual.
Emilio studied music composition with Vincent Carver and  Mario Lavista, and percussion with Raul Tudon. He has collaborated and performed with artist such as German Bringas, John Russell, Tristan Honsinger, John Butcher, John Edwards, Misha Marks, Axel Dörner, Tony Buck, Tobias Delius, Ignaz Schick, Jack Wright, Remi Alvarez, Klaus Kürvers, Alexander Bruck, Roland Ramanan, and Ute Wassermann. -> click here to see more collaborations.

He often plays with the BerIO (Berliner Improviser Orchestra), and otherer ensembles like the Circuit Traning (electro-acousting octet), Emilio performed in several venues and festivals around Europe such as the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2014, Klangkunstprojekte of Leipzig, Art-Sound Festival Berlin, CSW (Contemporary Art Museum of Warsaw), and in Vortex London. Some of his recent projects are: soel, Para.keets, Corso and MOvE.



Heterodox artist, who manipulates electronic devices, sounds, images, videos, actions and objects, where it often becomes unusual, unique.

Improvisation, experimentation and diy (do it yourself), are combined, irreverently but reflexive, mostly in ephemeral proposals.

It is characterized by a fresh and changing language that reflects on the social habits and the relationship between creativity and everyday life.

He has collaborated with many artists such a dancers, visual artists and performers, and played music and improvised sound with diferent groups and musicians.

Marti seems convinced that the mysteryis before us, and he shows to us. His creative discoveries tell us in some way, that we can start from here something that will take us very far. “When he wants is an irreverent educated and / or make beautiful things and / or show you the beauty of what others call ugly’. The pleasure he experiences is perceived and feels almost like an act of generosity that invites you to attend. Marti is one of those artists who in their artistic approach is much of the message. He is the surprise




JD ZAZIE is a DJ, turntablist and sound artist based in Berlin. Coming from a DJ and a radiophonic background JD Zazie  has explored over the years different approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded sound.
In her work she redefines DJ and electroacoustic activities. As a solo performer, in small groups or large ensembles she moves in an area which is constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music.
Intended as music instruments CDjs, turntables and mixer are her tools to mix the specific sound-sources she plays (mostly electronic music, electroacoustic music, musique concrète, field recordings and improvised music).
The typology of the sound-sources varies from already existing audio publications and sound effects, to self recorded audio files – as live-set and field-recordings -,  to selected pre-mixed material. Juxtaposition, decontextualization, fragmentation, repetition, sonic texture, scratch and error are elements of the grammar adopted to relate, organize and rearrange the sound material following her “Äpfelzerstörer’s method”.
In her sound installations she explores everyday life, refers to urbanism and relates to sound atmosphere.

She is a member of the Italian label Burp Enterprise and co-runs Staalplaat Radio.
She has participated in numerous exhibitions and events including High Zero Festival (US), Music Unlimited #27 (AT), Tuned City Bruxelles (BE), Open Provocation festival (UK),  Festival Rue du Nord (CH), Audiograft 2012 (UK), Echtzeitmusiktage 2010 (DE), STEIM’s Turntable Night #7 (NL), Audioscoop / IntroInSitu (NL), Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst (DE).


FEGATOAMARO is an Italo-Chilean noise project born by Luca Lazzaruolo (aka Zetha) and Lynda Citlalli Lopez Marchant. Inspired by the chilean origins of those two, FEGATOAMARO propose an insane imaginary of this culture, made by asado, empanadas and excessive copulation.

Harsh vocals.






Max Bogner is a musician, dancer and performance artist originating from Vienna currently living and working in Berlin. He has been playing under different monikers (Margaret Unknown, Margaret X, MARARA, Peggy Famous).

Over the past decade he founded and lead several groups like the ensemble (In) The Abyssity Of The Grounds with Mario Rechtern (DE/AT), Linda Sharrock (US) and Didi Kern (AT) amongst a constantly shifting international line-up and the two piece performance group Gueule Populaire, focusing on the combination of sound and movement with longtime collaborator Rosi Themsen Rehaug (H/AT), influencing and contributing to the Viennese improv scene as well as being an active player in Europe and Africa.

Idiomatically always moving in different terrains he is constantly shifting the center of attraction, moving against stagnancy to continually evolve and overcome the boundaries, pushing towards the unknown. His work thrives on a highly energetic persona and performance, demanding a fundamental and radical approach towards the intuitive and complete free improvisation, which though recently is more and more combined with compositional structures and elements embedded into it.

His performances have included solo and group dance elements leaning on the traditions of butoh; up to 12 hours long, durational actions, exploiting the individual perception and therefore possible expansion and contraction of time and space;  states of meditation and trance evoked through total concentration of material, it’s nature either minimal and calm using mesmerizing mantra like repetitions, soothing the mind through use of silence and breath as well as absolute vibrant and bodily domination of space through extreme volumes and oppressing, overwhelming structural intensity in whos core as well lies a journey and lodge of resolution and oblivion for the mindful participant without prejudices.


Rieko Okuda is a pianist and a composer. She began with Classical music from the age of 3, in Japan. Later then she moved to the USA to study and learn Jazz music. She fell right into the Jazz scene in America performing with some of the great American Jazz musicians (Bob Mintzer, Jon Faddis, John Fedchock etc.). Also, she got interested in Free Jazz and improvised music, while she was in Phliladelphia. She performed with some great improvisers including Marshall Allen (from the Sun Ra Arkestra), Elliott Levine (who has recorded with Cecil Taylor) and Calvin Weston (who has recorded with Ornette Coleman). She has performed in Festivals throughout her stay in the USA. Her interests in improvised music led her to move to Berlin and perform with various musicians.




Tommi Tokyo –Synthesizer, Vocals
Sayaka Botanic –Violin, Casette tapes

Japanese avant synth duo formed by Tommi Tokyo(synthesizer, vocals, percussion) and Sayaka Botanic(violin, synthesizer, cassette tapes).
Their early shows came as a shock, non-stop waves of experimental noise, poetry readings and nude live-painting.
The self-produced 1st album “A” was released later the year of their debut in 2012 and they started to be featured in magazines and websites such as NYLON Japan, Vice and Tower Records monthly magazine. 2nd album “INITIATION” came out the following year.
They have been performing at several multi-art festivals and events such as
“Urban Nomad Film Festival” in Taiwan, and “Art Book Fair 2014” in Tokyo, both they headlined alongside with sharing the bills with great local musicians such as Acid Mother Temple, MERZBOW, Nisennenmondai, Phew and Melt Banana.
In 2015 they released a single remixed by Tom Furse from The Horrors. Their first shows in Europe came shortly after, in Italy and Germany in May and the first full European tour in September and October.
In 2016 they moved their base to Berlin, shortly after the Japan tour with a Berlin based artist Petra Flurr.

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